Sunday, 14 July 2013

Today is stay at home day

The last few days we have been helping a friend packing up his home ready for moving.  Today we were both aching so much after using muscles we haven't used for a long time that we had a long lay in.  Bliss.  But by mid morning we were up and about, washing on the line, whoops here comes the rain, back out again to bring  it inside.  Enough of that malarkey so it is now on the clothes rack upstairs drying nicely.

Now for the answer to that question the other day, does this explain it?

worm bin_0 A Worm Farm of course.

A local kindergarten had their worm farm stolen, of all things.  This was reported in the local paper so yours truly decided to make a new one at the Menz Shed and present it to the school as a replacement.  The kids were over the moon and looking for the worms when it was delivered to the kindergarten on Friday.  One good deed for the community, now what should I make next?

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