Monday, 25 November 2013

Birthday Boy chooses Lunch Venue!

Today we were heading home from our stay in Tongariro where we were also visited by our friends Jenny and Robin. This photo of us both surprised me as to how much like my sister I am.


Driving along route 46 Mt Tongariro was still belching steam high into the air from several different sites.  This has been intermittent since the eruption last year from the thought extinct volcano. It now has monitoring equipment set up as a warning system due to its proximity to the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing.  

Mt Ruapehu still has snow despite the warm weatherMt Ruapehu still has snow despite the warm weather

The plan was to stop for lunch at a venue of the Birthday Boy’s choosing. Well we stopped alright. Only to be met by the Proprietor that the Council had arranged a compulsory food seminar so it was early closing.  Sorry.

Lunch venue - Yeah rightLunch venue - Yeah rightMangaweka AirportJust looking for a break in the traffic!I didn't know there were Giraffes in Mangaweka!I didn't know there were Giraffes in Mangaweka!

Not to be outdone it was on to Hunterville for second choice.

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