Sunday, 17 November 2013

We’re on the road again!


This weekend we have spent a great weekend with fellow members of Wellington, Wairarapa and Heretaunga Caravan Clubs in a combined rally at a small country school north of Masterton.

Now what have we here?Now what have we here?

We have all come away with a suntan that we never had on arrival.  Boy was that sun hot.  Not that we are complaining, of course.  Temperature in the van was in the high 20’s.

Parked at Eketahuna Motor CampParked at Eketahuna Motor Camp

After lunch we all packed up and gradually headed our own ways.  We are heading for Tongariro again for a few days so decided to check out Eketahuna Motor Camp on the way where our club is holding a rally at Waitangi weekend next February.  Pulling into the camp around 3.30pm we were surprised at the number of campers here.  Two pulled out not long after our arrival, (rather late in the day we thought considering most camps require you to leave prior to 10am).

Old swing bridge circa 1890 at Eketahuna.Old swing bridge circa 1890 at Eketahuna.

After afternoon tea we wandered around to see what was here, a walk down to the old swing bridge of 1890, but there is not much left of it.  Looking into the river there were signs of large trees being blown down and signs of recent high river levels.  Derek was disappointed to only see one brown trout in the river.


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