Tuesday, 28 February 2017

NZMCA National Rally 2017

20170224_151451NZMCA AGM Rally Richmond Racecourse.

20170224_115503Approximately 600 motorhomes and caravans on site.

20170224_153333Three area’s were used for parking but there was still plenty of room for more.

20170224_115510The sun shone for the whole 4 days although evening temperatures were dropping.


The stage where all the entertainment took place. The little green awning in the foreground was the sound and lighting technicians little office.

20170224_151235The grand Opening Ceremony.


No, this is not the Heretaunga Caravan club in full muster. All the organisers from Nelson,Tasman Bay and West Coast wore their uniforms so that they could be easily identified.

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Jenny and Robin said...

Good pictures. It certainly is a good site. Heard they were not allowed to erect the marque at the last minute. Bugger