Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Straitsman Bluebridge Ferry

IMG_0369Awaiting loading instructions.IMG_0372

That’s us at the right rear of the ship right up against the handrail. Thank goodness for a calm sailing. Would hate it to go overboard.IMG_0376Cook Strait was as calm as a mill pond.IMG_0377Arriving at Picton .

Glorious sunshine but rather hotter than we have been used to lately. Poor Honey was suffering from heat exhaustion after being in the hot van for 3 hours but now is good as gold and settled into our friends home in Blenheim until we all leave tomorrow.

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Jenny and Robin said...

Looking at where you had to park the van on the upper deck in the full sun I am not surprised Honey over heated. Glad to hear she is OK now.

Enjoy the trip and please keep the blogs coming.