Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Lake Rotoiti–Nelson Lakes

Leaving Wakefield yesterday morning we travelled on a back country road towards  Lake Rotoiti for lunch, before carrying on to Blenheim for a couple of nights.

IMG_1973Lovely autumn colourings lining the route.

IMG_1974The camera doesn't do the leaves justice.

IMG_1978Tree felling above the road we were held up as some of the trees landed on the road. Dangerous if you were travelling underneath.

IMG_1980Beautiful Lake Rotoiti on a lovely calm day.

IMG_1984A black swan and several ducks enjoying the sunshine.

IMG_1988Underneath the jetty we were very surprised to see several eels in the water.

IMG_1987Hard to photograph but one ventured out into the sunshine.

IMG_1990A fisherman arriving back at the jetty as we left.

With such a wonderful view we sat and enjoyed our lunch, accompanied by the local policeman in his patrol car beside us having his. This is a lovely doc site with lovely clean toilets alongside the lake. There were several tourists in their small vans enjoying the view but there were signs prohibiting freedom camping in the area.

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