Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Yealands Winery for lunch

As we had a lovely fine day again today, and the laundry all up to date, John and Elizabeth suggested we have a picnic for lunch.  We headed south towards Seddon on the now closed SH 1, although it is still open as far as Clarence more than 50 km’s south. Arriving at the huge Yealands Winery, we registered at the reception and viewed an introductory video from Peter Yealand on the history of the world award winning winery.
IMG_1999Views south overlooking the ocean from the top of the winery.
IMG_2002Looking north towards the north island.
IMG_2004Looking down the steep cliff towards the beach.
IMG_2006Grapevines for miles beautiful straight lines.
IMG_2009Lunch in the grounds alongside the lake.
IMG_2011Driving down into Seddon with Awatere Valley views.
IMG_2015Ward Beach where the land rose 2 metres in the 18th November 2016 Earthquake

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