Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Bus trip to Daventry.

Still moored at Stowehill.
Total of 159 locks and 1411/2 miles and 1 Tunnel since 5th Nov 2006

For the first time since we have been aboard “Gypsy Rover” we had to catch a bus to go shopping. As there is very little by way of shops here at Weedon we caught the bus to Daventry and spent the day there. The bus station at Daventry is well placed between Waitrose and Tesco’s with a Somerfield store nearby. We also found an old fashion hardware store that had most things that I wanted.
Dot managed to find a hair salon that could fit her in today for a hair cut so she is all nicely shorn again for the next couple of months.
As I have not had any success fishing using worms or bread for bait I decided that if I found a fishing shop I would get some maggots. Well it turned out that the local pet shop is also the fishing tackle shop so I struck lucky. I wonder if he sells many maggots as pets?
Back on the boat with all provisions stowed it was on deck for some fishing. I managed to catch 3 gudgeon and one small roach. I was letting the line drift in the flow of the wind and the water when it stopped moving. I suspected I had snagged something on the bottom so started to reel the line in. There was something heavy on the line alright and I didn’t realise it was a fish until I had it near the
surface. I didn’t feel it pull or fight at all until it was near the surface but because I hadn’t’ hooked it properly it threw the hook and I lost him. From what I saw of it I think it was a decent sized roach or bream. At least I now know that there are some decent sized fish in the canal because I was beginning to have my doubts.
Bathroom modifications are coming along slowly, just got to wait for the filler to dry and then sand the walls and varnish them before the vanity goes in.

We won’t say which one but the big one's getting close now

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