Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Now moored at Great Linford, 0 Locks/ 6 Miles
Total of 151 locks and 1201/2 miles since 5th Nov 2006

After spending the week-end at Fenny Stratford it was time to move on but the gremlins had other ideas. Those little tikes had got into our gearbox and stolen our oil. No oil = No go. Of course by the time I had realised there was a problem we had already cast off and were being blown by the wind across the canal to the opposite bank. The engine was working fine but the gearbox was dead.

Luckily there were end of garden moorings opposite and the one that we were heading for was vacant. We tied up while I tried to sort out the problem and a gentleman from 2 doors along who was working on his narrowboat came to see if he could help. Murphy’s Law prevailed and the owner of the house also returned home to find a strange boat at the end of her garden and came to inform me that “This” was private property. After explaining the situation she went away reasonably happy. In the meantime a 20 minute walk into the local shops to procure some fresh oil and we were in business again.

The trip up to where we are now moored was getting windier by the hour and at times we were travelling more sideways than straight ahead. After mooring up it was down the engine hole to see what I could find amiss with the gearbox but found nothing so I have cleaned it up to see if I can find any tell tales signs at the end of tomorrows cruising.

We are now moored by the medieval village of Great Linford which dates back to the Doomsday book and the church tower is 12th century. A foray into the town with cameras at the ready was the next priority before the forecasted rain arrived. On our walk we found what appears to be the old village green with the cricket club pavilion and a beautiful wooden building with an immaculate thatched roof that appeared to be the grounds man’s shed.

Now it’s a case of batten down the hatches as it looks like we are going to be in for a wild and windy night being buffeted around (according to fairly accurate metrological forecasts).

The Old Manor House

And........... the groundsman cottage...which is the most interesting?

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