Friday, 2 March 2007

Good news and bad news.

Now moored at the Globe Pub, Leighton Buzzard. 1 Lock / 11/2Miles
Total of 146 locks and 108 miles since 5th Nov 2006

Well the good news is we are moving again. We haven’t gone far but as we got away to a late start and we had to do a quick grocery shop and diesel up at Wyvern Shipping Co, we at least have a change of scenery.

The bad news is that Homebase have lost or misplaced our vanity basin (for the second time, the first was the cracked one before Christmas, which mysteriously turned up in their warehouse weeks later). It apparently was dispatched from their main warehouse on the 26th but nobody seems to know where it went. However the Apsley store staff have told us not to wait any longer but to start heading North and when they find the basin they will bring it out to us regardless of where we are. Now that’s what I call customer service.

The Wyvern Shipping Co I mentioned before also run a fleet of hire narrowboats. Dot and I both agree that they would be the best kept hire fleet we have seen. While the attendant was filling up our diesel I asked him if a particular boat was new as it had that look about it. He told me that it was 15 years old and the boats along side were 30 years old but they were so well maintained you wouldn’t know. Apparently they all go through the workshop at the end of every season for hull blacking, painting and repairs or up grading of equipment. They have a 5 berth for sale at present for ₤20,000 and it looks really tidy, not what you would expect an ex hire boat to look like.

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