Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Menu

Still moored at Soulbury 3 Locks Pub

After the obligatory phone calls to New Zealand and Australia to elderly parents who celebrated Christmas 13 hours and 10 hours ahead of us we settled done to a quiet day. Tracey was up from London for Christmas so for the three of us I decided to have a slight variation on the traditional Christmas fare. Roast Pork with lovely crisp roast potatoes, kumeras, parsnips and carrots served with steamed broccoli. Australian wine to compliment and as afters baked Queen Pudding with brandy flavoured cream.

The idea was to have the left overs and traditional Christmas pudding and custard tonight, well the way we feel we may not feel like eating. Settling down this afternoon to watch the Shrek Trilogy, the first and third on DVD and the second on TV.

Colourful end to a perfect day.

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