Sunday, 23 December 2007

Late night shopping.

Still moored at Leighton Buzzard

Well the threat of overnight frost on Thursday night didn't eventuate due to a light breeze. Friday was spent shopping at Homebase and Aldi which is a new one to us. For our friends in NZ Aldi is a European supermarket that sells just about everything from booze to toys, clothes to electrical tools and the usual groceries.

As Tesco's were going to be open all night we decided to leave that until later as it was busy, busy, busy when we walked past. It turned out that there was a James Bond movie ( Die another day) on TV that I hadn't seen so by the time that finished it was past midnight when we finally got to Tesco's. Except for the stores bulk trolleys dumped all over the place with replacement stock awaiting the shelf fillers there were relatively few people in the store which meant we could take our time and not be jostled about by the normal crowds. Bliss.

Saturday morning and there is a thin film of ice on the canal but a shower of rain is about to put pay to that.

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