Monday, 24 December 2007

Noisy Night

4 locks, and 4 miles. Now moored at Soulbury 3 Locks Pub

What with petrol heads doing wheelie's in the Tesco car park and noisy drunks walking past all hours of the night we decided to move somewhere quieter for Xmas. It was cold and foggy with a thin film of ice on the water. We watered up before leaving the area so hopefully we are all set for the next 10 - 12 days.

There must have been a fishing contest going on as it was wall to wall fisherman after we passed through Leighton Lock. One of them was scooping up ice in his landing net to clear a patch of clear water in which to fish.

It wasn't until the Soulbury Locks that we met another boat. At the bottom of the flight there was just one mooring space which was just what the doctor ordered between 2 moored boats. After mooring up we watched the fog dissipate as the sun broke through but as soon as the sun disappeared behind a cloud the fog soon rolled back in.

This evening it is a very cool, clear moonlit night and another frost in the offering because as at 7pm the canal has already iced over. Ho hum, still we won't be leaving here for a few days.

867 locks, 1164 miles, 33 Tunnels, 40 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Del and Al said...

Hi Derek & Dot
Thanks for a great blog
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best wishes

Del & Al
n.b Derwent6

Tom and Jan said...

Merry Christmas Dot & Derek

It's been a warm and mild day here with sandwiches for lunch and a small roast for dinner.

I've finally been able to get my linux home theatre pc working with two capture cards :-)

Hope it's not too cold and noisy


Tom & Jan