Saturday, 1 March 2008

Bobbing around on the cut.

0 locks and 2 ½ miles. Now moored at Shackerstone

Today's cruise down to Shackerstone was interspersed with light showers, just enough to lay the dust. We were a bit concerned that there may not be any moorings at Shackerstone as there has been quite a lot of boats on the move over the last 2 days. Our fear's were unfounded as the 48 hour moorings only had 1 boat in residence.

After getting ourselves settled Dot curled up with her book and I went for a walk up to the station to see if anything was happening or if there was any information posted on the notice board. The only notices were for the 2007 season which wasn't much use. I did find 3 workmen who had been working on the engine of a diesel loco, they then took a shunting loco with a rake of assorted wagons for a run down the line.

We had an email from Bente in Norway today, glad you enjoyed the flowers, hope you enjoy your holiday. Dreams are worth persuing, go for it. A big hello to to Elli and Mick from Australia, glad we could be of help. The planning is all part of the fun, good luck. Also a big thank you to Adrian for the information regarding the 'O' ring in the PRM gearbox. Much appreciated we will keep it for future reference.

894 locks, 1253 ½ miles, 38 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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