Sunday, 23 March 2008

White (Xmas) Easter!

1 lock and 3½ miles, Now moored at Wootton Wawen, Stratford on Avon Canal

Yesterday the girl's spent the day in Stratford having some retail therapy. As for me I stayed aboard catching up with some of those little chores that get put off for a rainy day

One lone snowflake on the lens, sorry

Saturday morning we decided to take Tracey over the Edstone aqueduct even though we were getting occasional light snow showers. The problem being her car. We came up with a plan where Tracey and Dot took the car up to the aqueduct and I moved the boat on my own. At the aqueduct I picked up Tracey and Dot stayed down on the road with the camera to photograph the event. We had no sooner got onto the aqueduct when we got the heaviest snowfall of the day with snowflakes as big as my thumbnail which all added to the experience.

Picnic table overlooking Edstone Aqueduct

Dot and Tracey then helped me through the only lock before returning to the car and driving onto Wootton Wawen where we plan to stay for the next couple of days. It would appear that Anglo Welsh, who are now the only boat yard selling diesel on this stretch of the Stratford Canal have decided that it's a sellers market and are charging 78p per litre. Stratford Cruisers seemed to have changed hands with the new trade name of Ethos narrow boats and have deleted sales of diesel from their list.

Snow has been falling on and off all day but heavier snowfall is forecast for overnight so we will see in the morning. Tracey intends driving back to London tomorrow weather permitting.

988 locks, 1330 miles, 39 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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