Sunday, 2 March 2008

Was it Windy?

0 locks and 10 miles. Now moored at Bridge 22 , Ashby Canal

Breaking waves on the canal overnight!

What a night we had last night. The heading on last night's blog said it all. To start off Dot had a problem uploading the blog last night and part of it got lost. We had mentioned the fact that the wind was whipping up waves of about 6 - 9 inches high which was making a lot of noise slapping between the hull and the metal edging of the canal, needless to say neither of us got much sleep.

The wind and rain were lashing the starboard side of the boat and blew in one of the porthole flap's letting in the rain. The flap or opening part of the porthole was already cracked and the wind finished it off. Luckily being laminated glass it just sort of folded in the middle and fell into the boat. After taping it back together we managed to wedge it back in place to keep the weather out but we will have to replace it.

This morning both of us felt like we had been put through the wringer but there were things to do. First off we went for a walk around the village to try and blow away the cobwebs in our heads. Then we wandered back up to the Battlefield railway as there seemed to bit of activity. The station was open due to the 'Victorian' tearooms being open for business but other than that it was still closed even though they advertise the museum being open every week-end. Apparently the gentleman who looks after the museum only opens it about 2pm which was too late for us as we had to get moving again. Still I did manage to check out the other siding which was all locked away yesterday and see what hidden treasures were hidden there.

Eventually we got under way by 1pm with the wind on our backs but due to the meandering route of the canal this kept changing. We did have a few problems on a couple of bends and 1 bridge where the wind blew us off course but other than avoiding boats, stationary and moving we survived unscathed. Eventually we moored up at bridge 22 where we knew the water was deep enough and caught up with Pete and Lisa who have just moved aboard N/b Pickle's 2.

894 locks, 1263 ½ miles, 38 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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Chipmunk said...

What a co-incidence, we too were at the NEC and ended up buying a Roadstar 900. We also live in Shackerstone where you would have moored overnight opposite our narrowboat Chipmunk II. I hope you have enjoyed the Ashby and continue to enjoy your trip to the UK. Regards, Peter and Cheryl.