Thursday, 15 May 2008

Another River

1 Lock and 11 miles. Now moored at Waterbeach, River Cam

After an enjoyable 48 hours in Ely it was time to make tracks towards Cambridge. The weather was still fine but quite a few degree's cooler making it much more pleasurable cruising. Once past Pope's corner this was going to be new territory for us as that was as far as we got when we hired the Fox boat.

The scenery has changed in that we are seeing more cattle and less crops on the farms and there are more tree's along the banks, sounds silly but that's the way it is. At Bottisham lock the girls had a bit of trouble understanding the operating instructions as this lock is electrically and hydraulically operated. Well after some time they eventually sorted it and just as we were about to exit the lock 2 narrowboats arrived from the opposite direction so we were able to toddle off and leave them to sort the lock out as I think we were supposed to leave the lock the way we found it.

The public moorings at Waterbeach are good with a decent quay and mooring bollards. There is also a very good walk/cycle way leading to the railway station and the village which is only a 15 minute walk.

We went for our daily exercise up into the village and found this house with it's old advertising signs attached, the owner seems to be a collector of this sort of thing.

The other novelty was the old village water pump takingpride of place on the village green but no longer operational.

Not sure what this butterfly is, perhaps somebody could enlighten us?

1132 locks, 1525 miles
, 41 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Unknown said...

Hi Dot, according to our book, it is a Peacock butterfly.

Derek and Dot said...

Thanks Iain and Myra and also Mike and Denise for the info on the peacock butterfly, much appreciated.

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Sorry to report that some of your photos seem to be lost in the ether

Derek and Dot said...

sorry Paul misunderstand the comment

sajith90 said...

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