Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cheeky foreigners and litter lout's.

Still moored at Peterborough Embankment on the River Nene

Well we have had a great week-end with visits from my cousin Pam and husband John on Sunday with Pam's daughter Lorraine and her family visiting on Monday. What a Monday it was with temperatures in the mid 20's, a taste of summer to come perhaps.

On Saturday while sitting in the boat we spotted a woman on the opposite bank in amongst the tree's, she was dressed all in black with a head scarf  and carrying a large black rubbish bag. She just walked to the waters edge and tipped the contents of the rubbish bag into the river, screwed up the bag and threw it on the ground and walked off as if nothing was wrong. What is wrong with these people?

Monday morning and it was time to service the engine again changing both oil and fuel filters. During the course of the day we had the boat open at both ends to try and keep the boat cool and while having a drink in the dinette Dot happened to walk into the lounge just as a pair of feet appeared in the cratch. Thinking it was Lorraine she said hello and the pair of feet made a hasty retreat. Turned out to be a nosy foreign woman just coming to have a look, bloody cheek of the woman.

Not long after this the other Derek and I were sitting on the sterns of our respective boats when we were approached by some Indian women asking if we could take them on a cruise down the river. Needless to say they were politely told that the boats were our homes and not cruise boats. The cruise boat was moored in front of us and not operating today. Are narrowboats such a novelty in Peterborough? We have had so many people walking up to the boat and blatantly staring in the windows even while we have been sitting having a meal  that it's unbelievable.  We were eventually forced to keep the curtains on the bank side of the boat closed most of the time.

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