Friday, 9 May 2008

Is this Summer?

1 lock, 7½ miles, Now moored at Outwell Boat Basin on the Middle Level Navigations

Lovely tree lined cruising at March.

Another fabulous day was in the offing as we organised an early start. First job was to reverse back to the facilities centre on the other side of the bridge, just a couple of hundred yards to fill the water tanks. As we were in no hurry we just meandered along enjoying the scenery which mainly consisted of wind turbines.

At one point we were directly underneath one of the silent giants and couldn't get over the way that they seem to mesmerise you as they slowly turn in the breeze. We did spot a swan's nest with a solitary egg in it and then about half a mile away we found a pair of swans with 5 cygnets so we guessed the sole egg was infertile.

We arrived at Marmont Priory lock early but the lady lock keeper was only too happy to let us through. Once we reached Upwell we moored on the visitor moorings for lunch and discussed our plan for the rest of the day and tomorrow. A decision was made to carry on to Outwell and check out the moorings there.

St Peters church in Upwell overlooking the navigation

There is just enough room for 2 narrowboats of our size in what they call the Basin at Outwell which is nothing more than a large winding hole with a landing deck and mooring bollards. The only advantage over the Upwell moorings is that it is further away from the road but no quieter. Hopefully these trucks (lorries) will finish work shortly which will quieten things down.

1129 locks, 1485 miles, 41 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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