Sunday, 7 September 2008

Strong Stream Advice River's Nene and Great Ouse

Today we received notification from the Environmental Agency concerning strong stream warning on the Rivers Nene and Great Ouse.  We hope fellow bloggers, Narrowboats 'No Problem', 'Moore 2 Life' and 'Balmaha' are all ok as they are in the area.  We were caught in this situation in May on the River Great Ouse and it sure is scary.


Mo said...

Hi you two,
Yep, we're OK, currently on the controlled section of the Ouse between Denver and Hermitage and the only problem(?) we've had is the water has gone down again.
A little bit of flow and 6" below normal must mean someone is playing with river levels in expectation of heavy rain.

Forecasts of heavy rain have brought out the sun, typical.

No Problem is in our area but Moore 2 Life is stuck on the Nene waiting for waters to recede a bit.

Love the Blog,

Mo and V

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Mo and Vanessa
Glad you are all OK, read Chas's blog doesn't sound like they knew about the closures until they arrived at the lock. Be thinking of you all, those rivers can be really unpredictable, sure frightened me.
Regards Dot