Friday, 12 September 2008

Swift Packet Boat Terminal on the Montgomery Canal

Was previously connected to the Chester to Shrewsbury Railway in the background


Neville said...

The interesting thing about this area,is that the scheduled service ran from this point, to Newtown some 32 miles away and 23 locks. It took them six hours, so you can imagine how quickly they moved. They must have had fresh horses and men at frequent intervals. The railway station, Rednal, was to the right of the photo, about 400 yards. This was the main railway line from Birkenhead to London Paddington so there must have been quite a lot of "takers" because there were, as yet, no railway lines in central Wales.
Have you seen the photo's of Michel Van Den Berghe, a Belgian, who walks the canals of the UK taking many excellent photo's.

Take a look here

Some good photo's of the "Monty".

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Derek and Dot said...

Hi Neville
Thanks for the history and the link to the canal photos, they are worth looking through.
Regards Dot and Derek