Sunday, 14 September 2008

Summer comes to Ellesmere Festival

Still moored at Ellesmere.

Why couldn't the weather have been like this last week-end? It has been a glorious summers day today and has bought the populace out in their numbers to visit the Ellesmere Festival. Even the local businesses have taken the opportunity to reap some of the tourist spending that goes with a function such as this.

Some of the boat people turned out in period costume and the towpath was an absolute hive of activity to the extent that it was no use trying to go anywhere in a hurry, you just had to go with the flow. The canal was the scene of a couple of steam driven vessels pottering backwards and forwards which all added to the atmosphere.

Traditional Boatwoman's dress and bonnet

Steam powered Mariamne

This evening we walked the towpath to check out the boat illuminations with the best displays being of Wallace and Gromit and a Beam me up Scotty space theme. During the day there are plenty of boats with flags, buntings and non illuminated displays giving the canal basin a real festive feel. While out and about we could hear the superb music emanating from the main festival tent where a Hog roast dinner had taken place earlier. We had tried to get tickets for this but it had been sold out some time ago. Still, we at least got to hear the after dinner entertainment for nought.

After dark Illuminations on the Llangollen Canal at Ellesmere

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