Saturday, 25 October 2008

Heading back to the Llangollen Canal

0 locks, 3 miles, Now moored at bottom of Hurleston Locks

We left Nantwich around lunch time after a walk into town to replenish the larder, we wont be near any shops until we return in 10 days. The boat will be coming out of the water at Swanley Marina on Tuesday and going into the DIY dock for a week. This was to enable Derek to repaint the hull, hard to believe it is 2 years since he last did it. The original plan was also to repack the stern gland as we have been taking on a little water every day and the bilge pump has been working hard. He didn't like the idea of doing it while in the water. But last week while talking to Chas of Chas Hardern Boats he decided to give it a go while in Nantwich. The result! a much easier job than he was anticipating and easily done, now we have a nice dry bilge again. Just as we were leaving Nantwich we had a phone call from Leighton Hospital with an appontment for further tests for Derek on 12th November so looks like we will be in the area for a while longer. We are planning on being in Rugby for Christmas to meet Tracey so hopefully we will still make it. May be a few long days cruising I'm sure.

Our plans are to go up the Hurleston flight on Sunday weather permitting. The forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain and wind so we will just see what happens. I have a good book!

1507 locks, 3176½ miles, 51 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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