Monday, 20 October 2008

Windy Weather!

6 locks, 14½ miles, Now moored below Hurleston Locks

Beeston Iron Lock (note the unusual walls of iron sheets overlapped and riveted together the same as the construction of the Ponticyllte Aqueduct)

Sorry no internet last night so no blog. This morning we set off from Beeston Castle around 10am and shared the 4 locks with Nb Rangitira (of course there has to be a NZ connection there) The lady owner who is half kiwi and half english has a mooring at Chester where we were a couple of days ago and was taking her boat to Venetian Marina for repairs. Autumn is now on us and the canal was covered with lots a leaves today due to the high winds and fouling the propellers of both boats at times. The trip was uneventful but there were more boats on the move today than we have seen for a while. We are now moored at the bottom of the Hurleston flight and will move onto Nantwich in the morning for Brent to catch a train to London heading home to New Zealand and Derek to catch a bus to Crewe Hospital for tests.

After lunch Brent and I took a walk up the flight and after a chat with the lady lockkeeper we had a look at the reservoir which supplies Nantwich and fed by the River Dee by the way of the Llangollen Canal. Brent and Derek are now happily watching a video while I am reinstalling the software after a complete format of the computer last night. Almost done with good internet here and all the Vista updates are now safely installed and antivirus software up and running.

Hurleston Lock flight (gateway to the Llangollen Canal)

1507 locks, 3170½ miles, 51 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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