Wednesday, 29 October 2008

What? Snow in October. Almost Unheard of!

4 Locks 6 ½ Mile. Now in the DIY shed Swanley Marina.

After a night of heavy rain we arose to occasional showers with intermittent blue sky. It was during one of these latter periods that we made the short dash to the marina to await our turn to be lifted out of the water on a trailer. Due to farming duties taking priority over the marina the tractor didn't show up until nearly 11am and he had to pull the previous tenant out of the DIY shed first.

Just as we started to move across the marina to the trailer ramp it started to rain again and continued until we were out of the water and on our way to the shed. While we waited for the marina staff to pressure wash the boat we sheltered in the shed out of the weather. It was at this point that the rain started to resemble flakes of snow and sure enough the snow got thicker and heavier until it started to settle on the parked cars by the shed. The snow continued for the best part of an hour by which time the hills on the horizon had taken on a distinctive white hue.

Eventually the boat was backed into the shed with more than just a few millimetres of snow on the roof. When this started to melt, it of course ran off down the sides of the boat slowing down the drying of the hull before I could start work. To speed things up I had to completely dry off the roof and parts of the cabin sides.

Yes that is snow as Gypsy Rover is reversed into the shed!

In the meantime I had a few odd jobs to do while waiting for the hull to dry. In the long run I made a start on the dry parts of the hull and hopefully the rest will dry out over night but I won't hold my breath while waiting as there is going to be a frost overnight. The last time I poked my nose outside the boat I could feel dampness on the boat even though we are inside a building. Just as well we changed to the winter weight duvet last week-end cos it's going to be a cold night.

1511 locks, 3189 miles, 51 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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