Saturday, 1 November 2008

That wasn't on this weeks agenda.

Swanley DIY Shed.

A few days ago we discovered some unwanted moisture under our bed and upon investigation found the calorifier to be leaking. We were aware that if it needed to be replaced it would cost us at least £400 including fitting. I had contemplated the job but not knowing which pipe did what and no instruction sheet to help I flagged it away and called in Fred the Plumber.

It turned out that one connection had been cross threaded and the seal was distorted and another seal had split. The biggest problem was how to drain the damn thing of approx 12 gallons as the drain cocks were under the bed, no thought went into this build design. Solution, disconnect the shower pump and run a hose from the drain cocks individually and connect the other end to the pump. Bingo, it worked a treat and not a drop was split inside the boat. I found a drum outside that had been cut in half and with a borrowed trolley we caught the water as it was pumped out and disposed of it outside the building.

Fred then went to work checking all the connections and repairing the faulty two. Once he was satisfied that all was well he left with strict instructions to ring him if the leaks persisted once we get back into the water with the engine and central heating working again. Fingers crossed. If he's got it right it will have worked out cheaper than a new calorifier.

In the meantime I have now put the second coat of blacking on and done a bit more sanding. As I have nearly 3/4 of a tin of blacking left I will put a third coat on and below the water line for added protection. I am still waiting for the weather to warm up before doing too much more painting but it doesn't look promising.


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

On our boat I have a conection from the cold fill in the bottom of the calorifier to just before the bath/shower empting pump with a valve in it. To empty the colorifier I open the valve, a hot tap and switch the shower pump on.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Brian and Diana
That was good thinking on someones part. We were reluctant to turn on the hot tap as were were out of the water with only a container rigged up to collect water from the sink. We now know what to do next time if it ever arises (fingers crossed never)Hopefully the problem has been fixed and was due to faulty installation only. Time will tell.
Regards Dot and Derek