Sunday, 2 November 2008

Today's the day!

Swanley Marina DIY shed.

Will they, won't they. who's to know. Yes it's "D" day for red diesel derogation but from what we have heard HM Customs have not been forthcoming with any paper work for the boat yards or diesel retailers to administer, control or what ever, the sale of red diesel so as far as the yards we have spoken to, it's business as usual until otherwise notified.

If we find any retailer trying to work a swifty with red diesel pricing they will be politely told thanks but no thanks and I would suggest all boaters do the same. The rip off merchants will soon get the message.

Regarding work on the boat things are progressing well but I have been let down as my paint has not yet arrived. I was told it would arrive on Thursday or Friday but as of yet there has been no sign of it. Luckily I have enough on hand to do the important bits before we return to the water on Tuesday and the rest may have to wait.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Customs have published the required notice which can be seen at and this has been issued to the person responsible for VAT at all VAT registered businesses (and drafts have been available for some time with no significant change in the wording since the drafts).

The law does not allow HM Customs & Revenue to specify what forms etc. must be used as users are free to use whatever record keeping system they like.

The only thing they specify is the wording 'I declare that [ ] % of the fuel purchased will be used for propelling a private pleasure craft' and I shal make sure I have a copy of that wording with me when I next fill up with diesel.

Our home marina at Sherborne Wharf is well prepared and has been happy to explain the system to anyone who asked during the last few weeks. Like you, I won't be supporting those who can't do it properly.

We're blacking our own boat later this month so I'm busy watching your photos to see how it's done.


Derek and Dot said...

Thanks for that info Paul, we feel we have an argument for 90% heating and electricity generation by being an all diesel boat. Whether we will be able to claim this with the guidelines available remains to be seen. We may have a fight on our hands. Keep up the good work, we love the Llangollen and your DVD serves as a great reminder.
Take care Dot and Derek

Chas and Ann said...

We have just got some diesel at Calcutt marina. They are charging 66p and £1.09.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Chas and Ann
Great to hear from you, yes its certainly going to be a minefield as the boatyards are not too sure. The pre printed forms give a 60-40 split which definitely is not the correct percentage for us being an all diesel boat.
Take care time will tell
Dot and Derek