Thursday, 6 November 2008

Red Diesel Minefield

4 Locks, 3 Miles. Now moored at Nantwich.

Today we travelled down through the Hurleston flight to leave the Llangollen Canal and return to Nantwich. There was a mist hanging around making things damp but other than that it was a good day to cruise. There are still a few hire boats on the move but most private boats are now snugly tucked up in their Marina's for the winter.

Reading the various weblogs that we follow it would appear that there is a lot of confusion around regarding the new taxation of red diesel. It would seem that some boat yards are insisting on the 60/40 split which HM Customs have only put up as a guideline NOT a hard and fast rule. The boatyards are missing the point that boaters can self declare their own percentage rates as every case is different and that the responsibility lie's with the boater, NOT the boat yard. In actual fact the boat yards are committing an offence by not allowing self declaration. We will carry a copy of the document with us when refueling as a reference. For a copy view here.

One yard has come up with a rule that they will only sell at the 60/40 rate unless you have a separate tank for heating which is a bit unreal as very few boats would actually have been built that way.

What I would suggest is that all boaters with weblogs publicise what yards they buy from and what price, problems or feedback they experience so that we can warn each other of problem yards and boycott them. Once their sales start dropping off they may change their attitudes.

1515 locks, 3193 miles, 51 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Pete said...

Totally agree with you about the fuel thing. I am planning to refuse to sign the declaration if they insist on the 60/40 split and insist that the police are called as I would be making a false declaration and committing fraud with HMRC if forced to sign.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Pete and Lisa
Yes well I wouldn't go quite that far, hurting them in the pocket for a start.
Dot and Derek

nblazydays said...

We are well off the 60/40 split at something like 16/84, since we last filled up. I have been keeping a record since July and I would say that the average is likely to be 60/40 but during the winter months we use our diesel stove and have not been moving around as much . The idea seems completely crazy to me. I am glad that you have pointed out that there is a problem and will certainly follow your advise and take along the document.

I have been following your blog for some time as my wife comes from New Zealand - Wanganui. We started cruising the system in July on Lazy Days

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Alan
Great to hear from you we will keep a look out for you. As our only heating is diesel we have alculated 10/90 in the winter probably dropping back to 25/75 in the summer. We dont usually vary our cruising a lot between the seasons unless there is a problem.
Take care Dot and Derek