Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow on the Oxford Canal

Hillmorton 030 White out conditions at Hillmorton.

Hillmorton 032We’re all going for a swim, Want to come feed us?

Hillmorton 033Hillmorton middle lock looking towards the top lock.


Sue Hunter said...

Hi Dot & Derek. Is there any sign of a thaw there? We're still icebound near Snarestone. Also, have you heard anything of Gosty Hill? Is he on the move yet, do you know? Thanks. Sue & Dave Hunter. Beefur. www.beefur.blogspot.com

Les Biggs said...

Hi D&D
I know we`re iced in at the moment but winter cruising is great with snow on the trees and fields and those many crisp sunny days thru winter. beats me why folk pay for winter moorings.
See you some time soon.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue and Dave
We are currently in London and should be back on Gypsy Rover tomorrow evening. We are still real and truly iced in and don't expect to be able to move for at least a few days yet.As of Monday morning Ian and Alison were still iced in at Sutton Stop. They were going to reassess the situation today and if able to move we may see them in Hillmorton at the weekend. Still some time away from the Ashby even when they can move again.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Les
They just dont know what they are missing do they. Certainly makes life interesting. Hope to see you soon.

Unknown said...

Dear Dot and Derek, we are an English couple; Karen and Mike Matthews living in Michigan, USA. We visit your blog almost daily and enjoy reading the details of your adventures. Stay safe and warm and thank you for maintaining the blog - we look forward to the time we will return home to the UK! Kind regards, Karen and Mike

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Karen and Mike
Thanks for the lovely comments. It sometimes is hard to think of what to say on a daily basis but we enjoy what we are doing.