Thursday, 7 January 2010

White out Britain.

Like the rest of the country we had our fair share of snow this morning but no where near the amount that some Counties have received. By lunch time the snow had stopped leaving us with a fine but cool afternoon. This is of course a good indication of a frost tonight and as I write this the outside temperature is  –6.50C so it could get colder yet.

Hillmorton 023 Narrowboats Gypsy Rover and Uccello in the snow near Hillmorton

Due to the diesel boat Gosty Hill being iced in at Sutton Stop we are not likely to be getting a delivery in the foreseeable future. I emptied a couple of jerry cans into the main tank and then traipsed off in the snow to Canalbreaks at Hillmorton locks for a refill. This will keep us going for 3 or 4 days by which time I will have to make another visit for a further refill.

In the afternoon sun we spotted another unusual bird in the hedgerow which turned out to be a Fieldfare, another Winter visitor from Scandinavia.

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