Friday, 8 January 2010

Tricky Manoeuvres.

Last night the temperature dropped to –8.70C and we had the central heating unit working for a lot longer than usual. There has been no more snow, just frosts which are on the cards again tonight.

Despite the temperature barely climbing to a plus factor we caught the bus into town around midday and what an adventure that was.The bus into town had apparently been stuck at the bottom of a hill for an hour so was well and truly off his timetable. The return trip was even more hair raising because the driver had to explain to all the passengers that he was having to deviate from the usual route and where best for passengers to alight. That was fine until he took a wrong turning off the deviation. We finished up at the end of  a Cul de Sac which was down hill and had not been gritted. Luckily there was a turning area which was only just big enough for the bus but then he had to crawl back up the hill on ice to the main road where he found the correct deviation. We were quite expecting to having to get off and push the bus back up the hill.

Back at the canal Derek and Carrie on Uccello told us that some youths had just gone past walking on the ice in the  middle of the canal. Carrie was concerned for their safety but if they are stupid enough to pull a stunt like that they deserve everything that they get. If they don’t drown they would die of Hypothermia in these freezing conditions.

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