Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Another day in limbo.

Yesterday we took a bus to Stafford to partially replenish the larder that was empty due to our impending departure.

Another day of on again,off again air travel which is starting to become a bit of a worry about whether we will in fact get away on Saturday?

Today was too good a day to waste so I have been out there attacking a bit more rust and doing some more prep work ready for painting. Luckily I have only been using primer undercoat because when I went to check the state of the paint there is a lot of little gritty bits all over the paintwork. Now I wonder where that came from? That blasted Icelandic volcano I presume. Ah well it’s only undercoat.

Just heard on the news that all airports are now reopening, hopefully on Saturday we will be on our way.


Northern Pride said...

Fingers crossed for you that the flight isn't delayed again! We're watching eventsw anxiously and hoping it'll all have blown over (literally!) by 23rd May when we fly to Birmingham via Dubai from SYdney.
Hope to catch up with you again in the summer.
Best wishes
Sandra & Barry

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sandra and Barry
Things are looking more promising, our planned departure from Auckland is the day later than yours, so we may meet up again soon. Take care