Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Your place or mine?

1 Lock, 2.66 miles. Now moored at Tixall Wide.

Our overnight moorings didn’t work out too bad with only 1 train headed by a noisy diesel engine going past early this morning. The canal wasn’t particularly wide at this point and there was a lot of passing boats so we decided it might be wise to move on before we got sideswiped by 1 of the many hire boats.

Penkridge 013 Swimming pool and changing shed behind the fence. Nice if you can get it.

The obvious choice to head for was Tixall Wide, but knowing how popular this place is, would there be any moorings? Well luck was on our side and we got a very pleasant mooring and since our arrival we have now been joined by at least 10 other boats which extend around the bend out of sight.

Penkridge 016 Tixall lock with the beautifully kept lock cottage.

As it was a fine afternoon I took the opportunity to service the engine and have a clean up in the engine hole which has been neglected over winter.

The resident Swan (cob) has been to see us several times for a feed of pellets but his mate has kept her distance. The cob has built a huge nest pile opposite our mooring but his mate doesn’t appear interested. She seems to have built a small nest about 100 yards away and has been hanging around there. They were both swimming around when we arrived but she has settled down on her nest for the night. The cob however had an afternoon siesta on his nest but is now back on the water cruising up and down the moored boats looking for an easy meal.

2214 locks, 4248.22 miles, 91 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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