Saturday, 17 April 2010

Blow wind blow.

This morning we moved the quarter of a mile up into the marina to get ourselves sorted ready for tomorrow what ever that may bring. As I write this, Heathrow is closed until 0100hrs Saturday morning which only gives us a 20 hour window before our scheduled take off but I suspect our aircraft is stuck in Hong Kong so who knows! I certainly don’t. We have a contingency plan to stay with Tracey in Wimbledon if things go pear shaped, until we can get away. No use looking for a hotel, they are already full.

Unlike my prediction for the outcome of last night’s leaders debate which turned out spot on. Shame we won’t be here for the next debate which if Clegg wins again will certainly have the other 2 shaking in their boots. It’s about time that 2 party politics got a shake up.


Sue said...

good luck tomorrow, I hope you get your flight.. if not then I am sure it won't be long till you are home.

We hope you enjoy your time away, I am sure you will.. good luck to you have a great time!

No doubt we will see you when you get back.. have fun

Love Sue & Vic xx

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue and Vic
Thanks for your good wishes. Doesnt sound too promising, at least we'll get a chance to see Tracey. It's our elderly parents who will miss us the most.
Take care, hope to catch up later in the year.