Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bluebell Woods.

47.3 Miles. Now at Arlebrook House at Stonehouse near Gloucester.

Gypsy Rover at Bayardo Farm Marlborough, Wiltshire.Gypsy Rover at Bayardo Farm Marlborough, Wiltshire.

After two hectic days of walking we decided a quiet day was to be the order of the day. Reading and computer work took up most of the day. Later on two more arrivals entered the camp. The first was a 4 x 4 and caravan with a sole occupant who got himself organised pretty quickly until he started to erect his awning. The wind was a bit gusty making life difficult for him so we went out and offered our assistance. He did let slip that “her in doors” had given him strict instructions to leave the awning until she arrived after work. Still we soon had the awning up and all he had to do was peg it down.

Forestry Commission, Westwood Forest, Marlborough.Forestry Commission, Westwood Forest, Marlborough.

Horse riding is popular in the Forestry Commission, Westwood Forest, Marlborough.Horse riding is popular in Westwood Forest, Marlborough.

The second arrival was a Burnster 3 axle motorhome similar to ours. Once they were set up they came across and invited us to join all of them in the awning for drinks, reminiscent of Heretaunga Caravan Club days in New Zealand. The caravan couple were John and Angie who only came from Pewsey for a long week-end and the motorhome owners were the Middleton’s from Great Yarmouth. It transpired that they are part of a group of 7 campers who meet on a regular basis. The other 5 were due to arrive later on Friday.

A sea of blue in the Forestry Commission, Westwood Forest, Marlborough.A sea of blue in Westwood Forest, Marlborough.

In passing I must comment on John’s awning as it was very similar to one we had in NZ but instead of aluminium poles it had telescopic Titanium poles with adjustable locking making erection so easy. Overall we were very impressed with it.

Pixie fairy in Bluebell wood's.Pixie fairy in Bluebell wood's.

This morning before we broke camp it was suggested that we should take a walk through the Westwood Forest adjacent to the camp to see the Bluebell’s. Well, we were not disappointed as there was literally acre’s of Bluebells carpeting the forest floor. In places the flowers were so dense all you could see was blue.

This one had to be different! Blue and white Bluebell's.This one had to be different! Blue and white Bluebell's.

On our travels today we came across the big Tesco’s at Cirencester where we topped up the larder and the diesel tank. The last gas station we passed had diesel at £1.50 per litre, Tesco’s was only £1.41 plus more Tesco points, so it had to be good.

Rape seed, the farmers current  bonanza cash crop.Rape seed, the farmers current  bonanza cash crop.

A total of 1791 miles, since 5 March 2011


Derek Bird said...

Not sure that's the lucky Pixie you got in Cornwall, but certainly in the pink

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Derek and carrie
Pink and blue and white go together well.

Elly and Mick said...

Love the bluebell photos. Stunning! Elly

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Elly and Mick
They certainly looked stunning too, the first time in 5 years we have seen them like this.