Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mount Snowdon.

39.3 Miles. Now at Cil-y-Bont CL Site, Llanrug near Caernarfon

Dot was up and away fairly early this morning for a hair cut at the local beauty salon before we headed off.  I just got everything organised ready to head off to Caernarfon. Driving conditions were wet and windy but nothing too serious.

Ffestiniog Railway, Porthmadog.Ffestiniog Railway, Porthmadog.

Ffestiniog railway runs along the top of this wall.Ffestiniog railway runs along the top of this wall.

We arrived at our latest camp site just after lunch and the proprietor gave us the low down on the local bus services. Mid afternoon the weather improved so we walked up into the village to check out the bus stop locations. There are 4 services  that pass through here, the most important one for us in the morning drives right past the camp entrance. Any one of the others will suffice to come back, it will just mean walking down from the village which is only a 15 minute walk.

View of Porthmadog from the passenger seat on the way to Caernarfon.View of Porthmadog from the passenger seat on the way to Caernarfon.

Ffestiniog Traeth Bach (Tremadog Bay Inlet).Ffestiniog Traeth Bach (Tremadog Bay Inlet).

I am sitting here writing the blog in glorious sunshine and the view of several mountains including Mount Snowdon, Ah bliss. Snowdon has had it’s head in the clouds most of the afternoon and at one time completely dis-appeared from view so it’s easy to see how people get lost up there.

Gypsy Rover in the shadow of Mt Snowdon.Gypsy Rover in the shadow of Mt Snowdon.

River Seiont, Llanrug.River Seiont, Llanrug.

A total of 2203 miles, since 5 March 2011


Jenny and Robin said...

Hi there

It is certainly a magestic part of the country you are in at the moment. We know you like trains so do you have any plans to go up on the Snowdon Mountain Railway, or the Ffestiniog Steam Railway? We did both trips and can really recommend them.
Portmerion is in the area somewhere too, isn't it? You may well have done these trips before.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
Yes we have done both those trips before so wont be doing either again. But watch this space..... tomorrow.

MDM Searle said...

Snowdonia is the place in the world I like best. I have climbed Mt Snowdon about a dozen times in all sorts of weather conditions. It is just a brilliant hiking area.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Nomadic Endeavour
There are so many walking tracks in this area you are obviously not alone. Although we do a lot of walking I think the mountain is out of my league.