Sunday, 15 May 2011


79.6 Miles. Now at Lleithyr Meadow Club site at St Davids

We had a final wander around the Falconry and had another look at the Hawk’s, Falcon’s and Owl’s, the latter of which are imported and twice the size of English Owl’s. One was capable of taking on a Fox or Muntjac deer.

Eurasian Eagle Owl.Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Great Grey OwlGreat Grey Owl

We were just about to leave along with another visitor when we found our way blocked by a power board truck servicing the overhead wires to the property. The other couple returned to their caravan and put the kettle on for a coffee and invited us to join them. Nearly an hour later we finally got underway. Again we found good roads most of the way until we left the A40 at Haverfordwest onto the A487. The view from the coast road above the village of Newgale was very impressive looking out over St Bride’s Bay. Here we saw 4 ship’s at anchor probably waiting to enter Milford Haven or Fishguard to the North.

You have been warned!Spotted in the rest area where we stopped for lunch. We were warned!

Newgale was a strange sort of place because as you come down a long steep hill virtually to the beach, which is only separated from the road by a stop bank made from boulders. On the right of the road is a large common where there were many tents. A lot of the campers appeared to be surfers with their boards laying nearby just in case the surf got up. A lovely little village all the same. From here it was a steep uphill climb again where the cliff top views were again spectacular all the way to the camp site.

St Bride's bay. The yellow above the water is a parasail.St Bride's Bay. The yellow above the water is a parasail.

A total of 2030 miles, since 5 March 2011

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