Friday, 1 July 2011

Bridge of Feugh, Banchory.

Scottish thistle in wood.Scottish thistle in wood.

With the weather looking a bit indifferent this morning it was a choice of the bus to Aberdeen or a walk into Banchory and look for the Bridge of Feugh. The latter won the toss of the coin. According to the sign in the information room we could take the old railway line route alongside the River Dee which takes 30 minutes. This was a very pleasant walk through woodlands and a park when we got closer to town. This bought us out onto the road leading to the Bridge of Feugh where we were told that you can watch Salmon jumping the falls.

The falls of Feugh famous for Salmon. Spot the Salmon in this turmoil.The falls of Feugh famous for Salmon. Spot the Salmon in this turmoil.

The original bridge is only a single lane road bridge with passing bays for pedestrians to move out of the way of vehicles. A later edition footbridge has since been built so that pedestrians can stand for as long as they like watching for leaping Salmon. We saw 5 although there was only one of any size. The others were no bigger than herrings.We got into conversation with a local lady who knew the falls well and she told us that she had never seen the river so high before making it very difficult for the fish. It’s understandable when we thought about the rain we have had over the last week up in the mountains where the river rises.

River Feugh at the Falls of Feugh.The Falls of Feugh.

We walked back to camp via the township and the main road. We called into Morrison’s supermarket for a few bits and pieces which was lucky, as while we were in the store there was a torrential downpour. There was quite a congregation around the store’s front door as shoppers took refuge before heading off to their cars when the rain eased. We arrived back in camp just as a thunder storm kicked off but no more rain. Around trip of just under 5 miles, now that's a reasonable walk for us, wonder whether we will still do this when we get home?

The ex Aberdeen to Ballater railway line.The ex Aberdeen to Ballater railway line.

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