Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Farewell Bonnie Scotland.

82.1 Miles. Now at Whittliees Cl at Haltwhistle.

The time has come to head South back across the border. We have a confirmed shipment date for the motorhome but we still have five weeks to go. There is a lot to do in the meantime however we will still squeeze in a couple more weeks of sight seeing.

Heading back to reality.Heading back to reality. I think I been here before. 1371 feet above sea level.

Looking back at Scotland.Looking back at Scotland.

Crossing the border we had to stop for some photo’s. We actually recalled stopping here when we took the coach tour of Scotland some 15 years ago. The only excitement today was after we had passed through the village of West Woodburn on the A68. Road signs kept warning of Blind Crests and Sudden Dips, well they were not joking. I don’t think I have ever driven over a road that can only be described as a switch back which went on for about 15 miles. A fair ground big dipper would have been very tame compared to some of the crests and dips we encountered. We both left our stomachs back some where just outside West Woodburn. Even travelling at a sedate 35-40 MPH made little difference.

Scotland as seen from the border on the A68.Scotland as seen from the border on the A68.

Millions of Poppies.Millions of Poppies.

A total of 3878 miles, since 5 March 2011

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