Monday, 11 July 2011

Return to Scotland.

38.1 Miles. Now at Gibson Park Caravan Club site at Melrose.

We haven’t quite finished with Scotland yet. Just a short trip inland and back over the border at Coldstream where a sign claimed that it was “The first toon in Scotland”. Looking at a map it is right on the border.

In a back street of Coldstream. Some sort of gallery.In a back street of Coldstream. Some sort of gallery.

Approaching Kelso we saw signs advertising a motorcycle show. Well it was more like a convention or rally as there were hundreds of motorcycles parked on the site as we drove past and plenty on the roadway as well. As we were well ahead of schedule we found a layby stop to while away some time and while parked the best part of another hundred motor cyclists went past, majority of them heading towards Kelso.

Motorcycle show at Kelso. More like a convention.Motorcycle show at Kelso. More like a convention.

Floors Castle just outside Kelso.Floors Castle just outside Kelso.

Driving into Melrose, the town looks to be very interesting so we will walk into town tomorrow when everything will be open.

A total of 3796 miles, since 5 March 2011

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