Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The big one got away. Yeah Right!

Christmas day and Boxing day passed very quietly for us with son Brent being our only visitor on Christmas day. With temperatures up in the high twenties and possibly low thirties it was no time for traditional Xmas fare. Instead it was BBQ’s and salad’s with most meals held under Robin’s gazebo away from the hot sun.

Christmas dinner Kiwi styleChristmas dinner Kiwi style

Yesterday being a statutory holiday in lieu of Boxing Day we drove up to Masterton to have a look at the Boxing Day sales. Dot came away with a pair of short’s and some new swimwear to use in any hot pools we come across on our travels. I have now got a surf casting rod, reel and sundries for $91 which was a lot less than I was expecting to pay.

The path from the beach up to the Castle Point lighthouse.The path from the beach up to the Castle Point lighthouse.

Castle Point beach.Looking back over Castle Point beach.

We were also joined in camp by fellow caravan club members Don and Pamela. Pamela has been laid low lately after a serious bone graft operation to her neck but is now on the mend and able to get around more.

Rugged rocks.Rugged rocks.

How did those rock formations get there?How did those rock formations get there?

Today, Wednesday, we all packed a picnic lunch and headed off to Castle Point about an hour and a quarters drive from camp. It was also a good opportunity to try out my new fishing gear. With golden sandy beaches this part of the Wairarapa coastline is a well kept secret.

Castle Point lighthouse.Castle Point lighthouse.

With a rock protected  lagoon that gets refreshed every tide this is a great picnic and swimming hole for kids. I joined about 10 other fishermen on the rocks between the the lagoon and the open sea. Even though it was a relatively calm day there was still a strong swell coming in towards the rocks sometimes over a metre high. It was a case of keeping a close watch on the in coming tide and knowing when to vacate the area.

Rare Daisy found only at Castle Point.Castle Point is the only place in the world where this rare Daisy is found.

With no harbour or safe anchorages for the local fishing boats they had built some monstrous machines to cradle their boats and be able to relaunch them. With driving cabs and engines perched high up on the framework these machines with hydraulic power to all wheels and steering could get into some seriously deep water before getting the boats afloat.

Monstrous trailers carrying local fishing boats.Monstrous trailers carrying local fishing boats.

CastlePoint's rock formation protecting the beach and lagoon.Castle Point's rock formation protecting the beach and lagoon.

While I was fishing the rest of the group walked up the newly rebuilt path to the Castle Point lighthouse for a look around. Upon their return I withdrew from the fishing leaving the fish for others to catch. The only fish caught by others were a Stingray, which got off on the rocks and a Red Gurnard of edible proportions.

Derek fishing from the rocks at Castle point.Derek fishing from the rocks at Castle Point.

View point above the Castle Point lighthouse looking back at the lagoon and boat storage area.View point from above the Castle Point lighthouse looking back at the lagoon and boat storage area.

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