Thursday, 15 December 2011

How we miss the internet?

Us at Takapau.A nice sheltered spot at Takapau NZMCA Camp.

A trip into Waipukerau again to access the internet, must do something about this Vodafone and look at Telecom.  Not much good with our monthly contract if I can’t use it, especially with our extended travel down south in the new year.  Now how do I cancel the contract legally without penalty?

Our thoughts are with all the people affected with the unseasonably heavy rainfall throughout the country, we have been lucky here. So far that is!

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Jenny and Robin said...

Derek before you do anything rash re your internet when you are next on the web check out the coverage maps for both Telecom and Vodafone and you will see there is not much in it. Some places Telecom is best and vice versa. Lets know how you get on.