Thursday, 8 December 2011

Never a dull moment here.

Just as well you can't see the gateway. It's even narrower.Just as well you can't see the gateway. It's even narrower.

We have had an interesting couple of days here at the NZMCA camp. I have been giving the toilet block a thorough Spring clean as previous wardens obviously have not had the cleaning expertise required. All the necessary chemicals are available but it’s a case of knowing which one to use for each task.

Mind the water trough.Mind the water trough.

Today we had something quite different in the form of a 20 foot empty container being delivered. Being an empty container I expected it to arrive on a small truck normally used for this purpose but no Mainfreight sent it on one of their the biggest rig’s capable of carrying 2 x 20 foot containers or 1 x 40 footer.

So far, so good.So far, so good.

Luckily the driver was up to the job because we only had centimetre's to spare negotiating along a fence line with a water trough just in the wrong place. Of course we couldn’t shift the trough but the driver manoeuvred within a few centimetre’s giving him just enough room to offload the container exactly where we wanted it. 

Final touch down with just a little juggling of the chains.Final touch down with just a little juggling of the chains.

We have had 2 visitors each day so far and tonight a late arrival made it 3 for today. She had just driven down from north of Gisborne where she had been freedom camping. She was looking forward to a long shower and a good nights sleep.

A mega truck for a miniscule task.A mega truck for a miniscule task.

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