Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beyond the Taieri Gorge Railway.


After our visit to the Goldmine it was a hurried bus ride back to catch the well-known Taieri Gorge Railway back to Dunedin.

Dunedin railway Station on a wet March morning.Dunedin railway Station on a wet March morning.Tiled floor in Dunedin railway Station.Dunedin railway station.IMG_5572Well you know who?Ex NZR Mitsubishi loco.Ex NZR Mitsubishi loco.Taieri Gorge.Taieri Gorge.Huge viaduct along the Taieri Gorge.Huge viaduct along the Taieri Gorge.

On the train back to Dunedin the Guard being a bit of a joker had a trick question for all the passengers on the train.  Derek being the only winner he received two souvenir pens in a holder, thank you very much.

The question: What was the Prime Minister’s name in 1960?

The answer: Exactly the same as it is now, he hasn’t changed his name.Open-mouthed smile

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