Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Catching up on odd jobs in Invercargill

We left Niagara NZMCA camp around 9.30 and headed off for Invercargill, our next stop.  Travelling through Tokanui we all pulled into the dump station to empty and replenish tanks.  This took some time as the water pressure was unbelievably slow.

Then into town where we headed for the VTNZ to see if it were possible to renew our COF (Certificate of Fitness) for Gypsy Rover and buy some more RUC (Road User Charges).  Amazingly we were in and out in no time with everything done and up to date. For our overseas readers, here in New Zealand, all vehicles travelling on diesel need to buy an extra tax bought in advance, we bought 5000 kilometres worth so we will see how far that will take us. Our last 5000 were bought in Mount Maunganui in September, so time will tell.

We also found the Rockgas refilling station, so one filled gas bottle and of course a stopover at Countdown to replenish the pantry.  Why does one always buy more that what you went in for? Then we caught up with the others at the Ascot Raceway.  Although this venue was not advertised anywhere that we could find Pauline and Geoff had been told about it from other caravan club members.

Alongside the grandstand at Ascot Raceway, InvercargillAlongside the grandstand at Ascot Raceway, Invercargill.

Not sure how long we will stay here but depends on what we find that interests us and the weather of course. It is a beautiful sunny hot day here at present.


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek & Dot, been reading your blogs for a while now, and found them very interesting, we are retired people and have a son in Queenstown, we arrived here today, after flying into Christchurch 10 days ago, working our way through Greymouth via train (stunning scenery), collecting a car and travelled to Nelson and the Able Tasman NP, through Kiakoura, (wonderful whale watching), through Tizel (you were there a couple of weeks ago?, we fly from QT on Sunday for Wellington and a couple of weeks touring North Island, from what we have seen so far NZ is a fantastic place to be a 'Grey Nomad' may your travels be long and happy ones in this beautiful country.

Chas & Liz

UK friends of G & J NB Matilda Rose

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Chas and Liz
Great to hear from you, we hope you enjoy your holiday.