Monday, 5 March 2012

Vanished World of the Awamoko Valley

This morning we headed off early to visit the Havoc Bacon factory shop in Waimate. We all left armed with bacon, sausages and pork for a latter date. We then moved not far away to the next NZMCA park in the Awamoko Valley.

IMG_5964Another great NZMCA parking spot in the Awamoko Valley.

After lunch most of us headed of to look at some geological sights by visiting the Vanished World Centre.  Most of these rocks date back several millions of years and are amazing to view.  Bones of large penguins and whales have been fossilized in the rocks.

IMG_5948Elephant RocksIMG_5949Now what is Geoff doing here?IMG_5951Dot at Elephant rocksIMG_5960Believe or not this is honeycomb rock on the hillside.IMG_5959Okay, so what’s that?IMG_5955These stone walls were a familiar site when we were in the UK but I never expected to see one here!

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