Monday, 5 November 2012

All in a days work

To those friends trying to contact us we have no mobile coverage here at all although a few km’s up the road it may be possible. Any internet is via satellite and consequently very expensive.

clip_image001Tongariro Holiday Park Manager’s house and reception area.

After a lot of bookings comes a busy day cleaning up. Besides the usual rubbish, recycle came 7 units with a total of 22 beds. Luckily most of the units were only new pillow cases and a vacuum and dust. However the Ensuite unit was a complete linen change, bathroom clean along with the usual dust and vacuum.

clip_image002Tongariro Holiday Park's ablution block. The old single men's quarters from the hydro power construction.

So far arrivals today have been light on the ground apart from a company with four cabins booked this week and next. They will be doing some maintenance work on the Tongariro Crossing which was partially damaged in the eruption a few months ago. We are not holding our breath, most of the bookings come in at the end of the day when we are finally relaxing for the evening. Dot has just had a phone call from Queenstown I-site for a cabin tomorrow night. Yeah right, they will need a set of wings to get here in time maybe.

Watch this space.

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