Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Now that was quick!

Yesterday afternoon I decided to check the internet to see whether I could purchase the spacers for the back of the Clothes Dryer which had been misplaced since our move.  We needed these to hang the dryer on the wall above the washing machine. In the meantime we had the dryer sitting on the top of the front loader Washing Machine. Not a good idea really.  Well we have virtually unpacked everything now and still not managed to find them.  What to do? Right check Fisher and Paykel’s website and see whether it is possible to still get them.  Yes and they have them in stock.  Great.  We also needed a support for the door rack in the refrigerator, yes they have that too, good. 

By this time it was about 3pm in the afternoon and the goods had to come from Botany north of Auckland.  Never mind they were ordered and paid for by credit card, nowhere did it state how long before we could expect delivery.


This morning at 9.30am the door bell rang and there was our parcel. How good is that for service?  The Dryer is now up in its rightful place above the washer.

Thank you Fisher and Paykel for a job well done even if you have sold out to Haier.

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