Monday, 12 November 2012

Job Done (Well almost)

clip_image001 Is there room for me? The camp cats in front of the fire.

Last night was the quietest we have experienced since starting our tour of duty at Tongariro Holiday Park. We only had 7 motorhomes in and no cabins booked, although that could have changed. We had 6 foreign tourist come in wanting cheap accommodation with ensuite. We have 4 ensuite’s but they were too expensive. After about half an hour offering them different options they eventually left but by this time it was getting late so I don’t give them much hope of finding anything better this side of Taupo.

clip_image002We have never seen one of these before. Anyone know what this moth is? clip_image003Might give you a better idea of the size. Sorry about the quality of the photo.

As we come to the end of our tour of duty at THP the weather has deteriorated closing the Tongariro Crossing for today and possibly the next few days. We had a couple of tourists booked for this morning but the tour operator cancelled at the last moment in the interest of safety. Of course then we refunded their monies and they were considering their options whether to drive up to the carpark on the off chance that there were views without the clouds.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a Puriri Moth to me.

Don M

Jenny and Robin said...

Derek the moth is a puriri moth. A native to NZ and the larvae burrow a whole in the sap wood of a tree about the dia of your thumb. We had them in a tree in our backyard by the deck (killed the tree and still have the wholes to prove it).

Derek and Dot said...


Thanks for the information regarding the Puriri Moth. Seems it can be destructive. Both of us had never seen them before.