Monday, 17 December 2012

It’s Christmas and we have found it!!


Yes I know, you thought we had gone away and got lost.  No such luck.  We have been very busy getting ourselves sorted since our move.  What with juggling unpacking, sorting out what to keep or what to sell or donate to a charity shop, we haven’t had much time to think.  Not to mention the times we are camp minding so the owners can have holidays themselves , rallying with the Heretaunga Caravan  Club and Derek working with Don on the farm .  Where has the time gone? We managed to find our Christmas Tree that had been stored for nearly 7 years and have put that up including all the lights that were stored with it.  There are now nearly 200 lights adorning our new property.  The only one in the village so they are attracting a bit of attention.


We have been filling in our 2013 Calendar with trips away holidaying and working  and it appears that we won’t be home much for the first three months.  The Caretaker commented that perhaps we should be renting rather than having bought our new home as we are never here.  But that wouldn’t have worked either.  With the secure Motorhome Parking in the complex we couldn’t afford to let it go.  It’s almost as good as living in our motorhome.  We love it here now we have settled in, no regrets at all.  It’s a great place to call home when we are not on the road.

IMG_7871Interesting view last night over the rooftops.IMG_7873Just a few minutes later and showing a few of our lights around the roof.

Interesting read of Ray and Diane’s Blog, the new owners of our Narrowboat Gypsy Rover (Now renamed Ferndale).  They have finally found the Christmas Tree that we left hidden for them, 3 years down the track.  What have they been doing? Read about it here.   At long last it is back on display on the boat.

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